When you want a plated meal or and don't want to use your blue apron to prepare it! When you are just craving a home cooked meal and the tired restaurant food tastes over-processed and bland. Why not treat yourself and your loved ones to more time spent together and a great meal...or 3...every week.

Small Plan

  • 15 servings/week, 60 servings/month

  • one-time $150 cost for containers and thermal bag

  • subscription renews each month


When you want all the benefits fo the above plan, but you are just too amazed at the quality and tastiness and convenience to eat anything else. You say to yourself that this is the choice you must make.

Family Plan


  • 20 servings/week, 80 servings/month

  • one-time $200 cost for

       containers and thermal bag

  • subscription renews each month


Do you know someone who is recovering from an illness or injury? Do you know an expectant family who could use some meals delivered? Have a college kid who is cramming for exams? Nourish your friends and family with the gift of freshly prepared meals. Nothing to make. It's so easy!

Seared wildcaught salmon with roasted fennel bulb, asperagus on a bed of Isreali couscous.